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Osho Diving Zone / Phokara Nepal

Phokara Nepal・ Therapist / Healer Swami Prem Bhakta

Swami Prem Bhakta

Pokhara is the base of trekking to Himalaya in Nepal. There’s a big lake and it’s also well known as a resort.

Healing center by the lake: Osho Divison Zone

Osho Divison Zone provides Therapies and Healings. e.g. Yoga, Meditation, Massage, Chakra Healing and also holding the Academy. Prem is the owner, healer and therapist of this property, his open-mind and peaceful smile attract many people in many countries. And that’s one of the reasons, there’re the visitors from all over the world.

We interviewed Prem about Osho Divison Zone and what inspired him to start.

Namaste. When was Osho Divison Zone founded?

Namaste. At the time of opening, Osho Divison Zone was run by the other owner, but he moved abroad. So my partner, Anita and I have decided to newly start this place in 2013.

Prem, what did you do before starting Osho Divison Zone? And what made you start healing?

I’ve worked at the hotel after I graduated university. My partner Anita and I met at that hotel and she asked me to go meditation at Osho center.

I’ve heard about Osho meditation from others and I’ve been interested in it.
I experienced Kundalini meditation there and it was absolutely amazing. I found myself inside me, and how I can say… I became to believe in myself and started to learn Osho spirit and teaching since then.

Healing Room

Could you tell me about Osho Kundalini meditation?

It’s a meditation to bring your pure energy inside you, refresh and recharge it.
It’s very good to relax.

Although there’re many meditation called Kundalini meditation, Osho’s is to be together whole energy and refresh it. This makes you relax and brings peaceful mind.
If you have interests,please google Osho Kundalini medetation! That`s the fastest way.

Outside Yoga Class

How did you learn other therapies and healings?

I started with only Kundalini meditation at Osho center in the first three months and I realized that my thoughts are totally changed. After that, I learned Yoga and Healing, Reiki which my friend initiated me. I studied massage for 2~3years as well.
I’ve done many things but especially, meditation gave me a spiritual awakening.

-Is Osho famous in Nepal? Is it naturally accepted?

Yes, it’s naturally accepted.

“Osho” for me is freedom. “Freedom” in here means to accept all feelings included hate and love, etc… Meditation makes total sense.

-Tell me about healing.

Healing is just a gift from universe.
Just receive the energy from universe and flow it through the receiver.

No expectation, just exist and nothing to think what’s going to happen.

Just trust and leave it all to the receiver.
When the receiver is completely ready to receive the healing, it has been already started.

The energy from universe is everywhere.
If you relax yourself, it would start. If you meditate, healing would starts.
It all depends on the receiver, if he/she is stressed, it’s hard to receive, healer would help them in that case.

-Are there the visitors from many countries?

Outbside Yoga

Yes, the visitors from 80 countries came. Last week, I had a visitor from the country I’ve never heard, somewhere in Africa.

-Is there any language issue?

Nothing. We don’t need any words for meditation and healing.

Even if they don’t understand English, they can feel it.

There’s nothing to worry about the language, but if you have anything to ask, you can translate with apps. Very convenient!

-The name “Osho”, there may be a person who worries to be forced to Osho teaching. What do you think?

No worries. This place is for all.
Whoever comes is welcome, without race, religion or nationality.
Please feel free to come and visit us!
Even if you have no experience of meditation or no information about Osho, there’s nothing to worry. Nothing to be forced. The door is always opened.