Ayurvedico Cafe / Phokara Nepal

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Ayurvedico Cafe / Phokara Nepal

Phokara Nepal・Macrobiotic Probiotic Foods

There’s a lakeside café in Pokhara which has different atmosphere and gives off an enchanting light on the busy street.
[ Ayurvedico Cafe ]

Japanese lady, Akane Shinomiya has opened this café in 2018.

She provides Macrobiotic and Vegan meals with fresh and locally sourced ingredients. Her meals and desserts heal your body and heart.

We had an interview with Akane.

-Could you tell me the story of Ayurvedico Café and why you decided to open in Pokhara.

I’ve traveled 3 years ago, I came to Nepal to apply Indian Visa and stopped by Pokhara. As soon as I stepped into Pokhara, I felt that my journey’s over.

I’ve always dreamed that it would be so confortable to live here and it would be great if there’s a café to serve simple meals.

At the same time, I went to Indian cooking school, visited Ayurvedic Hospital, farms and Sri Lanka to understand more about Ayurveda.

I went back to Japan once to deeply think if I back to Japan for good or back to Pokhara. Then I’ve made up my mind to move to Pokhara.

The owner;Akane

-Was it easy to find the place to live in Pokhara?

I’ve found the apartment 10 days after I arrived in Pokhara. I’ve spent the time exploring the markets, helping Bakery and cooking for a while. I’ve finally found the place for cafe exactly the same as I imagined.

Everybody I met and everything happened to me during preparation for opening, it seemed like it was all meant to be. For example, when I tried to make furniture, I coincidentally met Japanese person who has good chemistry with me and we made it together.

-How was after the opening?

Everything’s going well. I haven’t really thought about sales at the beginning, it turned out all right in the end. There’s no stress. And also my friends introduced me their friends who like to work with me and I’m blessed to have great companies.

All my dreams came true.

-Do you have a concept of the menu?

I still keep studying Ayurveda. I thought that India and Sri Lanka are specialized in Ayurveda before, but it’s everywhere.

We can make Ayurveda anywhere in the world and I just do it here. The concept of the menu is easy and simple.

I always try to find the easiest way that people can add Ayurveda to their daily lives. e.g. I made sesame paste, it’s easy to take nutrient in sesame seeds if people put them on breads every morning. 

-Are there many guests from Japan?

Yes, many Japanese guests came. I love to talk to the people from my country. I think there’re the people who cannot meet if I stayed only in Japan. 

During this interview, I had her Chocolate raw cake with pleasant breeze from the lake…It tasted so delicate and was gentle for my body.

It seems everybody in this café shares happiness to be here, so confortable and wanted to stay there forever. There was no need for words.

Please visit Ayurvedico Café, it’s going to be one of your lovely memories in Pokhara.